2010 in Review: A Blog Series

This is the first post of what I like to call “2010 in Review” – a review of all the notable events and achievements of the past year.

1. Started to do some real UEing (that is to say, urban exploring) this year. What an experience, I didn’t know what I was missing! I particularly like draining:

Trying my hand at ‘light painting’ – look it up. Taken in “O’Malley’s Lair”

# Drains explored: 5
# Building explored: Really, none, but that’s cuz there are no abandones in my area! (There are, however, lots of little tunnely-drain things!)

Map of some recently found or explored drain systems. 

I’ve never done really technical drains, only the fairly linear systems. A good few to check out are “Beefy McFistpunch’s Tunnel” (nick-named after my burly friend who showed me it) and “O’Malley’s Lair” (another friend’s nickname – we like Irish nicknames). Nothing dangerous in these – the first is actually a cira 1900 stone culvert under the bridge on Scarborough Golf Club Road, and the second is a small storm drain serving about 25 homes, opening onto a ravine. See the map above for details.

Warning: The author holds no responsibility for your safety – you are solely responsible for your actions. The author does not condone this type of exploration, especially where signage indicates that it is prohibited.

Whoow. Just had to spew out that legal mumbo-jumbo. Who knows where I could end up if I don’t? The legality of drains is kinda sketchy at best – it technically should be legal to access these public works, if there is no “Do not enter” kind of signage. But try explaining that to El Policia. Best not to get caught, period.

You can find out much more here: http://www.uer.ca/forum_search1.asp
Its Canadian-based, lots of Urban Exploring stuff, from abandoned homes to factory complexes to drains.

As a note to anyone who wants to try draining, take a look in the UER  forums for tips and tricks – it’ll keep you at least a bit safer. And always remeber: No Drains when it Rains; check the weather first.

Keep on exploring this big city of ours – Cheers!

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