2010 In Review: Part 2

School may have come to a close for this year – but it will soon rear its ugly head (on the 3rd of January – ugh!). There are only…  4 days left as I am writing this

There are a few more highlights to go through on the 2010 review itinerary, this one being about cycling. What’s not to like about it? I personally am very fond of the sport, recreation and leisure offered by the activity. Well, so far, I’m still fairly novice – I’ve only logged a little over 5500 km in my life – but that’s not too bad a start.

This year’s cycling mileage is roughly 2000 km – almost half of my total. Why ‘roughly’? My cyclometer died half-way through the year, resetting its data, and I don’t ride with it all the time. Counting school commuting, I’m much closer to 2750 km.

A milestone in itself, at least, one to note and beat in the coming year – once I manage find my cyclometer again (*sigh*). Another milestone: first long-haul tour, from Toronto to Kingston. Over 380 km of road and light trail, with the exception near Cobourg, which was some tough trail for someone loaded for road touring. Great ride, scenic, and okay (actually, rather poor) weather. Covered in 3 days, it still came to a push at the end, when lost in Prince Edward County (a very hill county, with plenty-o-climbs to make up for the rest of the trip).

Lookout near Lake on the Mountain, Prince Edward County.

Milestone #3 – What I’ve learned from the experience: ALWAYS BRING SPARE TUBES! A tire patch kit won’t cut it if the valve-stem rips off. Try fixing that in the rain, in the middle of nowhere (well, I managed to, but you might not!).  Also, bring lots of water bottles if you know your fellow rider gets thirsty easily. And I mean a lot.

Enjoy the rest of the Holidays!

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