Family Visits

Went to visit family in Kingston this past weekend. The Clan is getting larger by the year… I’ve too many cousins to count. Well, 13. Or is it 14? Oh, and enough aunts and uncles to sink the Titanic as well – which, for all we know, they may very well have. We (my immediate family) who live in Toronto, however, are not that numerous, but still manage to have a very poor track record for being punctual, despite not having to deal with as many bodies to get organized. The plan this Christmas: we get packed Friday to leave by 8:30 AM Saturday for K-town. The actual result: finished packing by 2 AM Saturday, left at 10:00 AM after we dragged ourselves out of bed. And then we got caught in a snow storm:

Scary drive up – hit snow squalls in Trenton, the average speed on the 401 dropped to ~50 km/h, but yet a few intrepid drivers (a crazy in a wee hatchback and then a redneck in a hummer) plugged away at high-speed. And with them too went many of the 18-wheelers (one started to split lanes as we were passing! f@*&!) – any that, my friends, is why I like freight trains.

We arrived 4 hours late, and so missed ice skating w/ the rest of the clan (*sob!*), as well as arrived ‘fashionably late’ to the Christmas party. All else went well, till we were nearly late for church the following day.

We weren’t so late as to miss the sunset at the lodge, however!

Oh – one interesting (well, odd, at least) thing that I saw this weekend, travelling back at night:

Just a TV, Chillin’ outside 

It’s a TV set, on at 11 PM in the cold, outside, in front of a closed eatery. Any takers? It’s somewhere near the intersection of MacDonnell and Princess streets in Kingston. Sorry about the blurry photo; it was late and the car was moving too quickly to take a good shot.

2 thoughts on “Family Visits

  1. Hey,

    I must have blown my posting because I have written one already and it isn’t here. I like the Fixie..are you still riding it Fixie are did you Flip Flop. I think I might die on a Fixie out here on the hills and I’m not strong enough to do single speed on the climbs. Keep writing and riding…I’ll follow


  2. I tried on fixed for a while, but since I’ve such a low gear on there (~63 in. gear), I can’t do any hills without spinning over 130 per minute. So, now I’m running on the freewheel on the other side. I suppose if I ride in the snow, I’ll go back to fixed for traction control!

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