Merry (Orthodox) Christmas

I didn’t do a post for the traditional Christmas celebration this year – I was away. However, I happen to know today is the official Orthodox Christmas, celebrated by most Eastern Orthodox churches (ie., Greek, Russian, Macedonian, etc.). Most don’t know this in North America and Western Europe; so, now you know, wherever you may be! Theses churches run their liturgical year based on the Julian calender as opposed to the Gregorian, and so it explains the date shift. The Catholic church adopted the “new” calender under Pope Gregory XIII, ergo, the namer. The Julian calender, by the same token, was popularized/adopted by Julius Caesar. I get to celebrate both Christmases – I’m Catholic, but my ma’s side of the family is Macedonian Orthodox. Best of both worlds, if you ask me!

That’s all for today, I’m hitting the hay.

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