It’s Sunday night… I’ve returned from a winter camping trip this weekend, near Acton. On the drive up, the window got stuck in the down position – so, I had a very breezy and chilly ride. 1 foot of snow when I got up to the site, and another foot fell on Saturday night, making the tent sag a bit under the weight. Quite great weather for a winter camp!

Unfortunately, while cutting some wood, I sustained a nasty gash on my knuckle; I was able to see the bone!! Needless to say, I had to get patched up with some gauze, and then head to the hospital for a more permanent ‘fix’. I wasn’t really injured that badly – the blood wasn’t pouring out – so the 2.5 cm cut was held together with 3 stitches. I guess I’ll see how it holds up to swimming tomorrow!

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