Monthly Archives: May 2011

New Frame!!!

The new frame has arrived – after a mix up with the sizing – and the parts should be here in the next few days too.

Initial Impressions:

-Frame = fairly light, porbably ~5-6 lbs though. Still, lighter than before.
-Very sturdy feeling; seems good for off-road + touring
– Assembly quality a bit lacking; 2 screws missing, most quite loose (but easy fix…)
– Frame welds are looking really nice – but the fork welds are spotty. They look like they’ll take the abuse, but its not that pretty…
– Fork also pretty heavy; 2.5 lbs is my guess

*Edit* – Measured frame + fork together: actually very light for its purpose; 6.83 lbs frame AND fork together (56cm size, uncut steerer). This compares favourably, as even the 56 cm Surly LHT is 7.25 lbs, and the Cross Check weighs in at 7.07 lbs.

All in all, pretty good for its versatility/ price.  I’ll be doing an in-depth review if the frame by this weekend, so stay tuned! Pictures will be shown then too.