It’s Gone!

Many cyclists who surf the web know about the cycling comic Yehuda Moon.  And, as most of those know, the comic paused on September 12th of this year – when the last comic was published.  Much speculation surrounded whether this would be a permanent end or just an interruption in the comic’s life. Although hinted at previously, today we know for sure; Yehuda Moon won’t be making a come-back like before – at least, not in the same way. 

I had come to look forward to the mornings when I would log on the the ol’ computer and check the new yehuda comic, and I’m sad that the tale of the oddball cap-wearing utility-cyclist and his band of merry men at the Kickstand has finally drawn to a close.
But, I have to give a great big, “Thanks!”, to Rick Smith for all the work he has done. You can see his parting message here by scrolling down the page.  

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