2012 Italian Cycling Trip

Last Updated: Feb. 14th, 2012 – Now reflects actual route takenWe will be heading through the heartland of Italy: Central Tuscany.  As of June 19th 2012, we here at Urbanus Magnus have complete our tour of Tuscany and Italy. The stops included  Firenze (Florence), where we flew in, followed by cycling through the great Italian hill towns of San Gimignano,  Volterra, Siena, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Orvieto and Viterbo. From Viterbo, the rest of the inter-city transit was done by train; we headed to Rome through the Ferrovie Regionale (regional railway), then to Pompei and Napoli (Naples) also by train.

On a gravel farm road — Volterra on hilltop in distance

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     31. Depart from Toronto, Flight to Firenze (Florence)


  1. Arrive
    Firenze –> Take in the city, then sleep off the jet-lag
  2. All
    Day Firenze
    • Duomo
      di Firenze & Gotti’s Tower
    • Academia
    • Piazza
      della Republica and neighbourhood
    • Palazzo
    • Galileo
      Science Museum
  3. (Sunday) More
    • Sun.
      Morning Mass
    • Uffizi
    • Ponte
    • Pitti
    • Miniato
  4. To San Gimignano
    • Departure
    • Stop for lunch @
      Barberino Val d’Elsa
    • Arrival +
    • Piazza
      del Duomo &  Piazza
      della Cisterna
    • Pinotaeca Civita
      museum & Torre Grossa
    • Dinner and
  5. To Volterra
    • Departure
    • Arrival Volterra
    • Piazza dei
      Priori and Lunch
    • Check-in
    • Alabaster
    • Roman Theatre
      and historic walk
    • Dinner
  6. To Siena (48.5km)
    • Depart (and view
      Porta all’Arco on way out)
    • Stop
      Monteriggioni castle for lunch, historical tour
    • Arrival Siena &
    • Piazza del Campo
      & Historical walk
    • Dinner
  7. All Day Siena 
    • Morning market
    • Duomo &
      Duomo Museum, Baptistry and Crypt combo tour
    • late lunch
    • Historic walk
      and food tour
  8. To Montalcino
    • Departure
    • Arrival
      Montalcino and Lunch
    • Check-in
    • City walk, wine
      tasting and relaxation
    • Dinner
  9. To Montepulciano
    • Departure
    • Stop Pienza for
      lunch and pictures
    • Arrival
      Montepulciano + Check-in
    • Piazza Grande
      and San Biagio Church
    • Wine tasting
      tours and walk
    • Dinner
  1. (Sunday) To
    Orvieto (64.6km)
    • Sun.
      Morning Mass
    • Departure
    • Lunch
      (en-route, near Fabro)
    • Arrival
      Orvieto and Check-in
    • Duomo
    • Pozzo
      di San Patrizio
    • walk
      the Medaeval Quarter
    • Underground
    • Dinner
  2. To Viterbo (42km)
    • Depart
    • Stop Bagnoregio
      for break/lunch
    • Arrival Viterbo
      + Check-in
    • Historical
      Centre walk and Palazzo dei Papi tour
    • Viterbo’s Hot
      Springs (Il Bullicame) by Bus
  3. To Roma (Morning
  4. Roma
  5. Roma
  6. To Pompei
    (Morning Train)
  7. Pompei
  8. (Sunday) To
    Napoli (Afternoon Train)
  9. Napoli,
    Flight to Toronto

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