Trangia Lighting Procedure

A brief follow-up: using my homemade soup-can pot stand, the lighting instructions:

1. The stove and stand are set out. In cold weather, the stove is
set on a plastic soft drink lid to insulate against the ground. 

2. The lid is remove, and the burner is lit. The pot stand is then
carefully placed over the burner. 

3. Wait approximately 30 seconds to let the burner ‘bloom’; the
 flame must come out of the burner’s holes. Often, an audible ‘pop’
noise will signal that the flame has bloomed, and the stove is warmed  up.

4. Now, the stove is ready to cook food! 

5. Unlike ready-made cooksets, this DIY pot stand must be removed
with a pot gripper before the stove can be extinguished. Once the hot
pot stand is removed, the Trangia’s lid is dropped
over the flame to extinguish it. 

One thought on “Trangia Lighting Procedure

  1. I understand the ideal distance from the top of the burner to the bottom of the pot is 1″. Your homebrew support/windscreen seems to be a bit high 😉 A metal lid, instead of plastic, would allow you to spill a bit of fuel in the lid to start the stove — in cold it helps to have the stove warmed up a bit. You could use a bit of ensolite sleep pad under the metal lid for insulation from the cold ground….

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