Quicksand Trapolines and Inukshuks

O’Malley and I took advantage of the great weather today for an impromptu bike trip to bluffs, to see how the construction on the breakwater was proceeding. Construction prevented us taking our usual route, but after a few rocky starts, we made it down the alternate (and much more rugged) trail down to the lake front.

Construction appears to have more-or-less halted. Grass and reeds are beginning to take over the mud flats formed in the area between the breakwater and the bluffs. When we went over to one of the sandy mud-flats, to our surprise we found that jumping would turn the solid-looking areas into semi-liquefied pancakes of earth!

Further investigation showed that it was actually a type of quicksand, the kind caused by “soil liquefaction’ (in fact, Wikipedia has an interesting article on it). Amused by the growing area of dry mud and sand which undulated under our feet, we decided to try jumping – with positive results:



Jumping on the quicksand “trampoline”

After this, we went on to make some inukshuks:




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