Fatbikes Gone Mainstream?

First, it was fixies and single speeds that began to show up on Walmart shelves. Now, fatbikes too? By the way Canadian Tire has begun to stock speciality wide-tire bikes, like this Iron Horse Dolomite below, I’d say yes!



This particular model retails for around $199, and although definitely a basic run-of-the-mill bike component wise, it wasn’t too heavy. Quality is definitely a step up from the typical monstrosities with heavy, saggy suspension and chinzy off-brand derailleurs. This does, however, suggest that fatbikes have crossed the ‘critial mass’ threshold, since they have started filtering down into department stores. Compare this (most recently) with the fad in 29ers and fixed/SS, and (a number of years ago) the glut of MTBs which flooded the bicycle market.

But hey! Maybe this popularity will bring the price point down far enough to allow me to pick up a new ride for my Bicycle Stable without breaking the bank. After all, Torontonians are expecting a heavy snowfall this year, and I am looking for something which can power through the mounds of snow + slush without taking an unexpected tumble!

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