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  1. Hi:
    A very good day to you sir. I found your blog while surfing the net.

    Quick question please. Is there a way to refill portable butane stove 8oz canisters? If so, do you sell an adapter/kit to refill these canisters?

    I’m taking a trip to Africa and will not be able to take more than about 12 (twelve) cans of butane for my portable stove- if that many. Needless to say, they don’t sell those butane cans over there however, they sell butane in cylinders.


    1. As I understand it, you are saying your stove runs on the ‘bayonet’ refills I mention in my blog post here:

      I’m not aware of any way to refill the ‘bayonet’ cans. In a case where you are travelling to a remote area in Africa, you’d be much better off carrying a liquid gas (petrol / gasoline burning) stove. While these stoves aren’t as compact, petrol/gasoline can be had en route, and it will weight a lot less refilling as you go rather than lugging around 12 canisters with you!

      I would recommend an MSR whisperlite Int’l or equivalent for you.

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