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Explorations: Panel Lamp

The University of Toronto is home to some pretty unique buildings. Many of the buildings – for one reason or another – retain much of their original fixtures. A great example of this are the old, open-bodied service elevators found around Front Campus. Walking into Gerstein Library, this gem of a panel lamp glowed to life upon visiting the old journal stacks’ elevator:


Housed in its red opal glass enclosure, it really did look like a little gemstone. However, upon closer inspection the side-spiralled filament caught my eye. This is an odd arrangement that you don’t seen any more – manufactures traded this in for shorter, more robust filament coils decades ago. Considering this elevator isn’t used much (maybe 2-3 dozen times per day at most), and that panel lamps last 10K+ hours,  I suspect this little indicator bulb is at least 4-5 decades old!

It’s neat to see something that has not been touched in ages still working as if it were just installed.