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Some Assembly Required

IKEA now sells bikes – that’s right, bikes! The SLADDA is a city bike aimed at commuters who – like their typical customer – wants something simple and functional while not breaking the bank. If you are already an “IKEA Family” member, all the better for your wallet: the price drops from the regular $999 to $599.

Two SLADDA bikes greet customers at the Toronto/North York IKEA entrance

The highlights:

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Disc from brake + Backpedal rear brake
  • Maintenance-free Rubber Chain
  • SRAM “Automatix” Internal Gear
  • Available in 26″ and 700c

The SRAM 2-speed rear hub is notable in that it is cable-less like the Sachs Torpedo rear hubs — except that it shifts without requiring any back-pedaling. This can be both good and bad; it does shift relatively early, but is smooth-shifting.

As you can see, he’s very happy with his new SLADDA.

In any case, I welcome more inexpensive and decent bicycles to the market; it dilutes the number of garbage bikes in service from the likes of SuperCycle, et al!